St. Nicholas Abbey

This beautiful plantation was purchased by the Warren family in 2006 to ensure its preservation for both future generations of Barbadians and visitors to Barbados. It is their conviction that architectural heritage is a part of who we are as a people; that buildings and landscapes provide us with an in-depth view of the craftsmanship, trade and culture of their time.

Complimentary guided tours of the great house showcase a wealth of tradition, including antiques and artifacts spanning the home’s 350-year history. Visitors are also welcome to explore the boiling house and rum distillery where St. Nicholas Abbey Rum is produced as well as the surrounding gardens, orchards, gullies and the adjacent Cherry Tree Hill.

If you wish to visit St. Nicholas Abbey your Vacation Coordinator will be happy to arrange an island tour that will include this iconic spot as well as some other popular attractions.  However, you may also choose to rent a vehicle and visit on your own, if so, please speak to your Vacation Coordinator about ticket prices.  

Ticket prices include entrance to St. Nicholas Abbey, inclusive the great house, gardens and gullies, rum distillery and nearby Cherry Tree Hill, a historic avenue of Mahogany Trees located just outside the main gate. Cherry Tree Hill offers a breathtaking view of the island’s East Coast.

Guests can also enjoy a charming home movie c.1935, museum and a complimentary drink (fruit punch or rum punch).  Guided tours, subject to availability, are provided at no extra fee.

A minimum of 1 hour is suggested for your visit, but ideally guests will spend approximately 30 minutes in the great house and approximately 1-2 hours touring the grounds and gardens, Cherry Tree Hill, rum distillery, home movie and museum.